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  4. 【沖縄のホテル】琉球温泉 瀬長島ホテルが期間限定で開業10周年特別プランを販売中




【沖縄のホテル】琉球温泉 瀬長島ホテルが期間限定で開業10周年特別プランを販売中




琉球温泉 瀬長島ホテル 10周年プランの10大特典
  1. お部屋で乾杯セット(アルコール・ソフトドリンク・おつまみ)
  2. 特別バスアメニティとしてL’OCCITANE ヴァーベナシリーズ
  3. 雪肌精スキンケアセット
  4. ラウンジにてご滞在中お飲み物をご用意
  5. 客室露天風呂にフラワーバス用の生花
  6. 龍神の湯源泉を使用した10周年限定プレミアム温泉肌水(1室あたり)
  7. 龍神の湯源泉ミネラル成分配合の10周年限定ボディクリーム(1室あたり)
  8. 朝食時にマンゴースムージーと10周年おもてなしの一品
  9. ウミカジテラスでご利用いただけるギフトチケット1,000円分
  10. 通常11:00チェックアウトが12:00チェックアウト




Ryukyu Onsen Senagashima Hotel is offering a special plan for a limited time to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Ryukyu Onsen Senagashima Hotel, a 15-minute drive from Naha Airport, is a popular hotel with a natural hot spring, a rarity in Okinawa. To celebrate its 10th anniversary on December 23, 2022, this hotel is offering a limited time offer until March 31, 2023.

In addition to the 10 major special offers available only with this plan, the room you will be staying in is the hotel’s most popular room, a Japanese-style Western-style room with an open-air bath (ocean view). The discount rate is a generous 31% maximum. You can save even more by taking advantage of the national travel support that will be reopened this month.

However, this plan is limited to 2 people, so it is not available for single travelers or family trips. Since this plan is limited to one night per couple, it must be combined with other plans if you wish to stay for consecutive nights.

Ryukyu Onsen Senagashima Hotel 10 Year Anniversary Plan’s 10 Major Privileges

  1. Toast set in your room (alcohol, soft drinks and snacks)
  2. L’OCCITANE Verbena series as special bath amenity
  3. Seikkisei Skin Care Set
  4. Beverages available throughout your stay in the lounge
  5. Fresh flowers for flower bath in guest room open-air bath
  6. 10th anniversary limited premium hot spring skin water using Ryujin-no-yu source (per room)
  7. 10th anniversary limited edition body cream containing Ryujin-no-yu spring mineral ingredients (per room)
  8. Mango smoothie and 10th anniversary treat at breakfast
  9. 1,000 yen gift ticket redeemable at Umikazi Terrace
  10. Regular 11:00 check-out is now 12:00 check-out

Overall, many of the benefits are appreciated by women and may not seem like much of a bargain for men. If you like to travel, the tenth one, late checkout, will probably be the most pleasant.

I have stayed at this hotel several times in the past. I remember that many of the guests were foreigners of Chinese descent, as it was the height of the inbound season at the time. The pool was full of foreign guests. 2023 is coming, and I believe inbound travel, including from China, will become more active. So if you want to stay at this hotel, I recommend you to make a reservation as soon as possible.